This page is a resource for macros on the interface.

This page is the roll20 help page for writing macros.

Here’s the basics:
1) go to the settings page in roll20 (the little cog in the top right)
2) click “+ ADD” next to Macros
3) title your macro and enter the text you want. It’s okay to enter some flavor text here such as /em swings his weapon of choice.
4) save the macro.

Make sure to check the “in box” check box next to your most used macros. They will then appear in the lower left, below the players. To use a macro not in the hot list, type #[macro name] into the chat box.

So far we’ve determined the following macros to be useful for sessions in roll20:

ATK for most common weapon – /roll d20+"base atk" vs AC

DMG for most common weapon – /roll “DMG dice” + “corresponding attribute mod”

Initiative – /roll d20 + “initiative mod”


Working Title Cidewalk