Working Title

Wayne Returns

I have finally caught up with my travel companions after they left me at the inn in Lipidia. When I reached them, however, things were not as they had been when last I saw them. Marckus has been slain! Also, the wizard Variel Azaz is to blame!

After a brief encounter, brief only to me because I came up in the middle of it, that wizard jumped down the well! After acquiring the rope necessary to get down the well I defended to find the wizard impaled on some spikes at the bottom of the well.

Now we are walking down a path in the well.

The first room we came to was a bedroom of some kind. After searching the room, Max determined that it was Variel’s room and he had something to do with his wife and children. When we went back to check on the body at the bottom of the well it was gone! We must get to the bottom of this. I have taken the lead in clearing out the rest of this underground network of tunnels.

Further investigation of the area reveals a room possibly used for human sacrifice. We also found 3x Potion of Cure Medium Wounds, Amulet of Mighty fists, and a Heavy Steel Shield +2 with spell resistance 10! I acquire the shield for myself. The party now also has 967 more gold.

I give Hop my ring of Intelligence.



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